Tips for Making Claims on your Home Insurance Policy

Taking a home insurance policy is a must for every homeowner (hopefully, you never have to use it for claims).

However, under unforeseen circumstances when you do need to make claims against your policy, things can get a little confusing. Here are a few tips on how to make claims against your insurance policy:

As soon as you incur a loss, inform the homeowner’s insurance company so that the process of making claims starts as soon as possible. In case of small claims, your insurance agent will handle the settling matters. It would be better also to get the name and address of the person in the adjusting department of the insurance company as they will be directly involved in processing your claim.

    • If you are in a situation where you need to immediately make repairs for damages on your property, ask your insurance company for contact details of companies that can help you out here. Companies that undertake home repairs and which are referred by insurance companies usually have some agreement with the insurance company and can directly bill the insurance company for repair costs.


    • In the event of damage to property, get evidence – in the form of photos and videos. Eyewitness accounts of the situations in which your property got damaged, police reports and fire department reports are all things that come in handy when filing a claim. You should maintain receipts of important household items or costly ones so that the value of items lost is well known.

    • You should also record details about the insurance company like name and contact details of people in the company whom you have spoken to.


    • Be present when the home insurance adjuster comes to see the damages on your property. You can speak to them about more details on the damages as they go through your home and also note down the adjusters’ comments and actions and many people tend to go by just what the insurance company offers. Don’t do this until you feel you are completely satisfied with what you have got. If you feel something is amiss, contact your state Department of Insurance.



Taking the right steps when making claims can make a lot of difference in how you are compensated in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

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