Importance of Annually Checking-Up on Your Home Insurance Coverage

Checking up on your home insurance policy every year is a must.

Why? Every year something new crops up and insurance companies are likely to change or add something new to the coverage they offer, so if you want to catch up on the latest in terms of coverage, you need to review what is offered by your insurance company. This can be done every time you renew your policy or when you feel that certain changes in your life demand a check with the insurance company on coverage.

How do you go about doing this? Well, obviously the best way would be to either consult your insurance agent on this or check with them when you renew your policy. Here a few tips on what you need to ask your company:

    • Find out about any new coverage that you need to add. For example, ask if it is better to include extra liability coverage or endorsements for high-priced collectables as part of your coverage.

    • Over the years you would have collected many items in your home. Look into these and the inventory you stated earlier in your policy. If you feel there is something to ensure as part of your personal belongings coverage, list what these are to your insurance agent


    • Look into whether the policy deductibles have changed from what they were in the previous year. Ask if there are changes to the limits on what your policy would pay out in the event of loss or damages.


    • Important changes in life such as children moving out or the death of a spouse can change the conditions of your insurance policy. This is also something to check with your insurance agent.


If you do not review your insurance policy, you may lose out on some important coverage, which you may regret later. For example, if you purchase an expensive piece of jewellery but failed to mention it for coverage, in the event of a theft, you cannot claim compensation on this.

Checking up with your insurance agent on what is new as well as informing them about changes you have made to your home or any new purchases that need to be insured or changed on your home can help you a great deal in the event of having to make claims later.

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